make the
dream work.

a brand story teller with a unique perspective, offering a unique branding and work experience.

Brand Building + Coaching

After an initial complementary consultation, we will hit the ground running building your brand, finding your niche and differentiating you from other brands.

-Branding and Marketing Advice and Guidance
-Brainstorming sessions for logo, products, packaging etc.
-Package comes with 3-5 in person or phone meetings.

Level 2: Branding Package

Also kickstarted with a conversation!

-Ideations: 5-8+ ideas for logo.
-Form Fox Function Style Guide: Once logo is finalized, I will create a style guide that includes the color palette, fonts, logo variations etc.
-Socialite: Social media graphics (Facebook Cover and Avatar, Twitter Background and Avatar, Instagram and Pinterest Avatar)
-Networking Materials: Business Card design, along with printer recommendation.
-Packaged: You will receive your logo, logo variation in forms suitable for print (CMYK) and web implementation.

Level 4: WordPress Site Design

Shall we chat again?

Your entire site will be designed while keeping your brand standard intact. This applies whether you do or do not have a logo.

-Site Mockup or proposed design
-Theme test-drive
-Full content and graphic implementation
-Homepage Design, and 5 additional pages included.*
Any additional pages incur a cost of $50 per page. 

-A coming soon page, with subscription implemented to retain visitors who are early.

-Wordpress Tutorial
-Site QA

Social Media + Copywritng

Please contact me for more information.

Surface Pattern Design

Are you in need of surface pattern design to include everything from stationary to fabric? Contact me for more information!

Marketing Services

Contact me for more information!

Additional Information

Note:  A signed contract and a 50% deposit is required before any work can begin.